Brand-new OE standard-flow 180 degree thermostat. This part features a stainless-steel housing AND stainless-steel spring. This thermostat has the lowest factory recommended temperature rating for any stock/street Vin 7 Buick Grand National, Turbo Regal or 1987 GNX.

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I was once told that oil doesn't work well below 165 degrees F. If the system can't keep the temp below 180, a 160 t-stat means little. Extrapolate from the above. Oil may have an ideal temp range. If your stock system can't keep the temp below 200, a.

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55 56 57 Chevy parts For over a quarter century East Coast Chevy / Ol' 55 Garage has sold, installed parts, kits. ... a 180 degree thermostat stays closed until the coolant heats up to 180 degrees, once it has opened its job is done. ... If your engine in the summer wants to run 200 degrees it will do so whether you have a 160 or 180 or 195.

48 Chevy, 350, a 160 thermostat, it runs 170-180 anytime. Four core radiator. Manual fan plus electric, that I do not use. 40 Chevy, 305, 160 thermostat, stock radiator, runs 180-195 anytime. Manual fan plus electric that I use only in traffic. 34 Dodge, 225 six, 160 thermostat, stockHenry J radiator, open car, 180-200 anytime. 03-10-11 04:32 PM - Post# 2059372. In response to bler57. Choice of thermostat degree is also dependent on the climate you are in. Here in So Cal, 195 is the thermostat of choice for me. Use a 180, the water circulates through the radiator so fast it doesn't stay in the radiator long enough to cool off which results in increased engine.

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6,381 Posts. #3 · Mar 3, 2008. On a moderate temperature day, a stock engine with the stock 180° thermostat will run about 190°-200° while cruising. When you stop, so does air flow across the radiator (if a/c is not on). A few minutes of idling would easily cause the temp to read 226° (when the fans come on). A modern cooling system with a 16-pound pressure cap should have a coolant boiling point near 260 degrees F. Water not under pressure boils at 212 degrees F at sea level. Today's stock factory.

LS1 late thermostat 180 deg. Available for all new style Chevy LS series automobile and L series truck motors that utilize a separate thermostat and water neck. These thermostats are available in 160, 180 and 195-degree temperatures to suit any application.Our 2005 Pontiac GTO test car gained 5 hp with the 180 degree unit. Model Number: 6368. About overheating Sbc.

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