M28. M28, M-28, or M/28 may refer to: M-28 (Michigan highway), a state highway in Michigan. M28/M-1928 Haversack, US army Haversack. M28 Mosin–Nagant, a Finnish rifle. Tromboncino M28 grenade launcher, an Italian weapon that attaches to a rifle. Miles M.28 Mercury, a 1941 British aircraft..

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Finnish m28

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Finnish Mosin Nagant M27 Tikka 1932 REF. Finnish Mosin Nagant M28 Rifle Ski Trooper REF. Finnish Mosin Nagant M39 Butt Side Swivel. Price $16.00.

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Mar 07, 2010 · For Sale: Finnish M28. « on: March 07, 2010, 06:00:18 pm ». Haven't you ever dreamed of owning the rifle used by Simo Häyhä? This isn't that rifle. However, it is the same TYPE! For sale is a beautiful example of what a Mosin Nagant can be. A Finnish M28 with beautiful wood, bright bore, original sling. Basically, the works.. Payment Methods: Visa,Master Card, Discover,Check. Finnish M28 Civil Guard Mosin Nagant in 7.62x54R. Description: Know as the "Mosin Nagant improved", the Finnish Model 1928s are built from referbished 1891 Russian Mosin Nagant rifles. The rifles were shortened as the Finnish Civil Guard troops usually traveled by ski and needed a shorter rifle .... The barrel manufacturer is unknown as this rifle is a "total sneak", a feature uncommon on Finnish Mosin-Nagants. Deciphering a Finnish Mosin-Nagant's history via its various stamps and rollmarks is a hobby unto itself, but my particular M28-76 (and many others) lacks almost any identification codes. Mosin Nagant 91 & 91/30 Scabbard, leather with belt loop and brass ball tip.

The M28-76 Receiver and Magazine Assembly. Like almost all Finnish Mosin-Nagants, the M28-76 is a hex receiver, not a round receiver like the Type 53. Hex receivers are more finely made and stiffer by virtue of their half-octagon shape. The M28-76 also has an inner receiver ring, which further increases the action's rigidity over the Type 53. Among Mosin-Nagant enthusiasts, the Finnish M28-76 is considered one of the finest models ever produced. As indicated by the name, the M28-76 is a 1976 update to the World War II-era M28 and M28-30, preferred rifles of the deadliest sniper in history, Simo Häyhä..

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Mar 12, 2007 · Relatively few M28's exist today. In fact, the M28 is a rarer rifle than the highly sought after M28/30 and the difficulty in sourcing one will confirm this. Most were imported to the United States well before the current influx of Finnish rifles, the most notable importation being by the Marathon Corp.. Jun 01, 2022 · finnish mosin think it is a m28 used by the finnish civil guard stock has a crack near the muzzel and some dings metal i finnish m28 mosin rifle | Firearms | Phoenix | Guns Arizona Classifieds - Buy Sell Trade Firearms, Knives and More.

Used by the Civil Guard with Bayonets M/28, M28-30, and M/28-30-35. Has hanging hole from use by guardsman, but no other tears and otherwise in good condition. A rare Finnish Frog. ... The item “Finnish Bayonet M/28 Hackman M28 Bayonet Civil Guard with Fluted Scabbard” is in sale since Monday, December 25, 2017.

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